Cyber make-up

€9.00 EUR

Welcome to Hotel Cisza Beauty! Why look natural when you can look FLAWLESS?

Reveal your true outer beauty at our Perfection Salon! Want smooth luminous skin, bright twinkling eyes and lush endless eyelashes? Then you’ve come to the right place! Hotel Cisza Perfection Salon will magically remove all the blemishes of your virtual alter-ego. Complexion perfection so perfect it’s hyperreal!

How to visit the Perfection Salon?

1. Purchase the Hotel Cicza Perfection Salon Makeover. One purchase gives you TWO stunning makeup looks for one photo!

2. Send your photo to If you have any special wishes or a specific vision for your cyber makeup, outline it in the email, e.g. 'I want to have a smaller nose, lips in magenta pink and HEAVENLY emerald eyes'.

3. The beautified Hotel Cisza Perfection Salon double photo will be delivered to you within 24 hours.